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Cyclic Imine Toxins and Organisms

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Spirolide / Gymnodimine

Cyclic Imine Toxins Certified Reference Materials: National Research Council of Canada, Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) program, Halifax, NS, Canada. Available standards: CRM-GYM (gymnodimine); CRM-SPX1 (13-desmethyl spirolide C; certificate of analysis) (Archived content)

* Scientific Opinion on marine biotoxins in shellfish – Cyclic imines (spirolides, gymnodimines, pinnatoxins and pteriatoxins): European Food Safety Authority; 19 May 2010. PDF files on the Summary and Opinion

* The presence of pinnatoxins in Norwegian mussels: National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway. PDF file of the report, by C.O. Miles et al. (2009)

* ChemDraw template for Spirolides (among other biotoxins): National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway. Contact Chris Miles if you would like to suggest corrections or improvements to the template


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